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The Land of Dreams

Title: The Land of Dreams
Author: Darkflamewolf
Story: The story follows Robert who is a member of the Tora which is an elite bounty group who does jobs for hire and his newest job lands him in one of the biggest events in the world. Robert and his band of misfits get involved with an ages old conflict between several warring kingdoms and are caught in the middle of a world-destroying evil. RPG cliches abound, but is fun none-the-less.

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Legion Saga Trilogy

Title: Legion Saga Trilogy
Author: Matt Glanville
Story: Legion Saga is a fantasy game set in a medieval world on the brink of war. It is regarded as one of the classic games of the early 2k era and uses almost exclusively the RTP resources. It follows the story of the prince of a kingdom who has just engaged in battle with the neighbouring country, and his struggles to find out the truth behind not only his own history, but who is pulling the strings behind the war. With a large cast of characters, the game was quite well-received by most people, though it is quite dated by today’s standards.

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The Way

Title: The Way
Author: Crestfallen Studio
Story: The story begins with a first glance at the “protagonist,” Rhue. He has been searching all along “The Way” which is the name given to the world of this game by his childhood friend, whom was separated from him many years earlier. His travels take him to many settlements, he meets a very wide and varied cast of characters, and has adventures ranging from dungeon crawling, to stopping sieges, to tournaments and even some acting!

Meanwhile, a mysterious killer wreaks bloody havoc, and dark things stir in the Reaches. As the Way’s mysteries are slowly revealed, Rhue follows the trail through mountain and forest and fire–and learns more about himself and the world he lives in than he’s ever wanted to know…
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