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Sunset over Imdahl

Title: Sunset over Imdahl
Author: Teo Mathlein
Story: Sunset Over Imdahl is a non-battle RPG that takes place in a city under siege. You play as Lohn, a young boy who is the sole survivor of the siege. Wandering the streets in desperation, Lohn meets a nobly-dressed man who offers him a chance to bring his hometown back to life. Without knowing his intentions, Lohn accepts on the man’s offer, and the game begins.

Sunset Over Imdahl was made in rm2k and utilizes hand-drawn backdrops over tile-based mapping. The game is short, containing only a few hours of gameplay; however, is a completed project of the highest standard..

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Rpg Maker 2000

Three the Hard Way

Title: Three the Hard Way
Author: iishenron
Story: Many years ago, a mysterious group of monsters called “Kaibutsu” appeared in Durham Kingdom and ravaged the land. No one was able to resist their power, that is, until a hero named Carolus emerged. He was able to defeat the Kaibutsu leader, who happened to be his sister, and save the nation. After this, the people made him their king. However, 65 years have passed since his victory, and gradually, as he has aged, he has surrendered more of his political power to his vassal dukes, who have very different ideas on how the kingdom should be run.

All of this is trivial background noise for a certain bartender from a backwoods forest town. Vance, the bartender in question, is bored with life, and decides he needs some excitement and some big money. The less actual hard work involved, the better. And nothing will stand in his way …

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Exit Fate

Title: Exit Fate
Author: SCF
Story: Exit Fate is a freeware RPG similar to Suikoden, wherein you can recruit seventy-five playable characters. It also bears some similarity to Chrono Cross.note
The story centers on a man named Daniel, a colonel in the Kirgard Army. Kirgard and Zelmony are two nations at war, fights breaking out every 20 years or so. On the eve of the invasion of Helman Island, Daniel blacks out and wakes up in the middle of the woods, only to be branded a traitor.
Seeing no other alternative, he joins the other side in order to try and bring a swift end to the war. He is then put in charge of a special unit to defend Zelmony, whereupon… erm…
Okay, fine. The plot begins as one big Cliché Storm. Luckily, the plot thickens over time (culminating in a few legitimate twists toward the end), and it makes up for the initial unoriginality in depth, beauty, a colorful cast of characters and motives being used in unexpected ways.
Never confuse the protagonist, Daniel Vinyard, with the similarly-named character (Daniel Vineyard) of American History X. This work is also not about exiting Fate.

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Title: Manifest
Author: Steve Bethune
Story: There exists a most curious and powerful race in the world of Ospes, able to manipulate and alter matter itself.

Their numbers are few, and from the beginning they have lived as outcasts, perceived as a threat to the world and every living thing in it.

They are called Theolar.

Thymetians, the most dominant race on Ospes, have done all that they can to suppress the Theolar. For they, more than any, are afraid of them.

Most Theolar are content to live in hiding and have abandoned the use of their abilities in hopes they would be forgotten. But among them there is a small group, known as the
Andurim, who are unwilling to give up that part of themselves.

Their sole purpose is to provide the Thymetians and the rest of the world with a glimpse of their greatness, now long overshadowed by what else they are capable of…

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Title: Aetherion
Author: Anaryu
Story: The world of Aetherion is a strange place where dreams and reality are closely intertwined. The world is periodically threatened by Raythe, bizarre otherworldly entities that prey upon humanity’s weaknesses and fears. To protect the world from the threat of Raythe, the ARC Institute was founded, to study and protect against the Aether, the mysterious realm from which Raythe originate.

Take on the role of Edan, a new initiate at the ARC Institute, as he learns the secrets of the Aether and takes up his mission to protect the world from the looming nightmares that threaten it.

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Nocturne: Rebirth

Title: Nocturne: Rebirth
Author: eplipswich
Story: Vampires are creatures that live amidst the darkness of eternal night. They have absolutely no regard for human lives and treat them like stones to be kicked away.

One night, a girl was running in a forest while being chased by three bandits. Then a black-clothed man passed by and subsequently took them down easily. The girl, who thought she was saved by him, wanted to repay him and thus invited him to her village.

……The man, who was actually a vampire, smiled and accepted her invitation. After all, the more prey, the merrier……

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Legionwood: Tale Of The Two Swords

Title: Legionwood: Tale Of The Two Swords
Author: Dark Gaia
Story: In production since 2007, Legionwood: Tale of the Two Swords is an epic length traditional role playing game created in RPG Maker VX which was completed in late 2010.

Featuring accessible, familiar gameplay reminscent of the early Final Fantasy titles, Legionwood offers you a 20+ hour long quest set in a massive fantasy world filled with challenging enemies, involving quests and tons of character customisation options with the in depth AP Character System.

The world has been at peace since the Great War ended 1000 years ago. Now, an ancient antagonist is ready to set in motion a plan that has been in the making for centuries. Take control of Lann Northshire, an ordinary peasant who is unwillingly thrown into a conflict that will soon engulf the entire world. The fate of Legionwood hangs in the balance. Will you be able to restore peace to the land? With a thrilling story of love, revenge, war and peace, Legionwood is an adventure that you won’t want to pass up!

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Homework Salesman

Title: Homework Salesman
Author: Star*Cadets
Story: Reniat returns to her home village after years away at boarding school to find that the village is nearly deserted. The mine that the village depended on heavily for boosting its economy and tourism has been overrun by monsters and no one has bothered doing anything about it. Having trained as an adventurer, she decides to see what she can do about reviving the town and making a name for herself in the world.

Homework Salesman is a life simulation game with an emphasis on dungeon exploration, completing quests, crafting new equipment and items, and befriending the people in town. The game takes inspiration from the Rune Factory and Atelier series.

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